Bad-ss Defined

Impressive: Fixing a jammed MK-19 automatic grenade launcher.

Very Impressive: Fixing a jammed MK-19 automatic grenade launcher under fire.

Oh-My-God-Dude-That’s-Awesome: Fixing your buddy’s jammed MK-19 automatic grenade launcher under fire and then unloading it on the Taliban.

“I jumped into the turret and saw that the charging handle was stuck behind the bolt and I knew the only way to fix it was to disassemble the weapon system,” [Sgt. Jonas Jerome] Allen said. “I knew I had to hurry because we were taking RPG’s and small-arms fire and I’d rather fire at the enemy than to have the enemy fire at me.”

Allen said he disassembled and reassembled the weapon as fast as he could.

“I just was thinking that if I hurry up and fix the MK-19, I could start engaging the enemy and kill them,” he said.

Once he repaired it, he had the driver of the truck move him into a better position then he put it to use.

“After checking the weapon, we both decided to stay where we were,” Villasenor said. “He had more knowledge on the MK-19 and I am more proficient on the .50 cal.”

“[I] fired the MK-19 into the house and the rooftop we were receiving contact from and after I unloaded an ammo can of 40 mm rounds, I reloaded it and kept engaging the enemy until we stopped taking contact,” Allen said.

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