Andrew Sullivan Zing of the Day

Jeffrey Goldberg, from inside The Atlantic:

Andrew Sullivan should be thankful that The Atlantic’s fact-checking department has no purview over the magazine’s website.

Later, Goldberg offers this line from Clive Crook, also of The Atlantic:

Andrew has so many opinions to ventilate, and so little time to think about them . . .

As a former subscriber to The Atlantic (I miss Michael Kelly), I think it┬ábesmirches┬áthe magazine to be affiliated with such a clown, no matter how much traffic he brings in. I generally avoid because of the fact that they financially support Sullivan’s asshattery. If the other Atlantic bloggers now realize how much he damages their reputation and are turning on him, that might be a reason to start reading them. Or it might just be a clever marketing shtick by The Atlantic: “First we’ll employ a jackass who makes lots of people angry, then we’ll employ people who attack the jackass, thereby getting all the readers!”

To be on the safe side, I’ll continue to not regularly visit the website until they stop employing such a man.

One thought on “Andrew Sullivan Zing of the Day

  1. Anthony

    I wonder how many people visit the Daily Dish just to gawk at the train wreck that it’s become. I confess I do.

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